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Asthma Inhalers

At Lloyds Online Doctor you can request a prescription for a six-month supply of asthma inhalers. This can include controller inhalers (preventers) and up to three relievers, depending on how many you need. You can choose to buy either branded or generic inhalers when you're in the pharmacy.

Key Features
  • Complete an online consultation with our doctors 
  • Receive a paper prescription for a 6-month supply of the inhalers you need
  • Your prescription can be used for controller inhalers and up to 2 reliever inhalers
  • Benefit from a personalised action plan to help you achieve greater control of your asthma, and on-going doctor support to manage your asthma

About Your Inhalers

Salbutamol inhalers (the generic name for Ventolin Evohalers, Salamol Easi-Breathe and Salbul) are known as relievers and help to ease the symptoms of asthma. Typically blue in colour, they work by relaxing the muscles in the narrowed airways to allow them to open up. Using a reliever before any periods of exercise can also reduce the likelihood of suffering asthma symptoms while exercising. Relievers get to work immediately, so are essential in treating asthma attacks. It’s important to let our doctors know how often you use your reliever as overuse could be a sign that your asthma is not under control.

Beclomethasone and Seretide inhalers are known as controllers, and help manage swelling and inflammation in the airways. They contain a steroid that reduces the production of mucus in the lungs, thereby helping to ease your breathing. Controllers need to be used regularly to maximise their benefit, as their protective effect builds up over time. Popular brand names include Beclazone, Becotide, and Seretide.

What Is An Asthma Attack?

An asthma attack is a sudden aggravation of your asthma symptoms, often due to exposure to an asthma ‘trigger’ such as an allergen (eg. pollen, animal fur, dust) or other irritants (like smoke). During an asthma attack the muscles in your airways tighten, leading to breathlessness, wheezing and coughing.

Asthma Inhalers FAQs

What is an asthma action plan?

This is a simple but personalised plan from our doctors which explains how often you should take your inhalers. You will receive this once the doctor has reviewed your questionnaire, if clinically appropriate.

What is the difference between branded and generic medication?

Generic medication works in the exact same way as branded medication but is often cheaper. Our paper prescriptions feature generic names only but the pharmacist will give you a choice of brands when you purchase your medication.

What are the side effects?

Please visit this link to read more about the most common side effects associated with this treatment.

Can I use my reliever inhaler every day?

You should not need to use your Salbutamol inhaler more than once or twice a week if your asthma is under control. If you’re using it more than this please let us know as you will require a controller inhaler, a stronger dose of your existing controller if you are already taking one, or additional treatment.

What should I do if I am having an attack?

If you have an asthma attack, severe symptoms or breathlessness, please contact your GP or attend your local Accident and Emergency Department immediately. Remember, asthma can be life threatening.

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